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Shop your wardrobe

2012 January 24
by Lily Molly Sylvia

I have been thinking more and more about what to do when I’m ‘done’ with this project (which, by the way, is in a week!) One idea I’ve had is to buy new things but only once I’ve worn every single item in my closet. I regularly clear it out and am fairly SS about it but still, I honestly haven’t worn some items in months, maybe even years. I generally think that if you haven’t worn something in six months to a year and it’s not a ‘piece’ (ie. vintage sparkly chanel jacket) then it won’t be missed and should be given to the local charity shop.

Things that I need to wear that I haven’t worn in ages…

Sooooo nothing new till I’ve worn everything old? This article by Paula Reed makes me think this is a very good idea.

p.s. I think I’ve wrapped myself in so many layers of consumerist guilt that I am now finding excuses not to buy. I feel a little backed into a corner by my own conscience…

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